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Get Savvy Coaching Business Success Path

“Bridal Lifers” with over 60 years started in 2019.

Supportive community.

Most bridal boutique owners start in business because of a passion for “all things wedding related”, have binge watched every episode of “Say Yes to the Dress” or simply adore wedding gowns.  The truth is that this passion simply isn’t enough to run a successful bridal business.

Success is more than just buying some gowns, getting a website, posting on Facebook & Insta and selling a few dresses. Whether you’re a “Wannabe”, “Newbie” bridal boutique owner or a “Bridal Lifer” there is always something to learn or re learn.

And that’s where Get Savvy and our Business Success Path comes in. With our 40 years combined experience we have identified 4 key areas when it comes to running a successful bridal business. Each of you will be at a different stage and we can help you get to the next level.

Whether you are a Wannabe (thinking about opening) or a Newbie (open for less than 5 years) or a Lifer (open for more than 5 years) we offer coaching in all 4 areas of the Business Success Path depending on YOUR starting point and YOUR needs.

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Business Management

Get Planning

Your Best Year Yet

“Hope is not a strategy” so if you keep hoping that you’ll have enough to pay for those samples, the rent and this month’s wages then you need to start monitoring your business performance and we’ll show you how

Do You Want…

…better systems and procedures

…to know your ROI (Return On Investment)

…to know how to set targets

…to know which suppliers are working for you?

This coaching session is for you if you can answer “YES” to any of those questions

Get The Right Customer

More Bridal Appointments

Grow your appointments the Get Savvy Way.

Understanding the Customer Attraction Fomula… 

…BEE Method x |Accountability = Grow Your Appointment

Yes! Get the result you need in your business to keep your business successful.

Girl on
girl in bridal shop

Customer Conversion

Get More sales

Brides saying “Yes To The Dress”

Improve sales and conversion rates by understanding that we need to Stop Selling and Start Helping – this sounds counterintuitive!

Do You Want…

…higher conversion rates?
…to learn the art of the pre-sell?
…to know the secrets to manage the bride tribe?
…to know how to block and crush objection like a pro?

This coaching session is for you if you can answer “YES” to any of those questions

Get Motivated

Dreamer Or Doer?

“Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom” Aristotle.

Do You…

…feel frustrated that you’re working so hard with no results?
…have a tendency to procrastinate?
…suffer from “comparisonitis” and you lose confidence in yourself?
…want to know how to use your superpower effectively?

This coaching session is for you if you can answer “YES” to any of those questions

Self Management

1 to 3 Hour Intensive Session

We work with you for one to three hours, finding  our where you are on your Business Success Path.  Together we will work to create a plan you can work on to move your business to the next level.

From – £395 to £595

One To One Coaching & Day Training at Own Boutique.

One size does not fit all, so we can design a bespoke solution just for you and your business.

Areas where we can help include:

  • Bridal Boutique Marketing (Getting more appointments)
  • Bridal Sales Training (Closing more sales)
  • Business Management
  • Starting a Bridal Boutique

From £995

One To One Mentoring.

Running a business bridal business requiries help and support on a regular basic.  Our aim is to work with you navigate the day by day running of your business helping you reach your goals.

Areas we will be working on includes:

  • Business Marketing
  • Bridal Sales Training
  • Business Management
  • Self Management (mindset)

From £995 per month

Custom Projects

Have a custom project? i.e. Want to start a Bridal Boutique.

We work on custom projects all the time.  From Starting Up to Stepping Up discover how we can make Magic and Money together.