Hi Bridal Retailers...

With the time and money you've already invested in your bridal business, you deserve to be wildly successful. Let's face it. You're worth it...



…by working with us one to one on your business helping you take the next steps to a successful and profitable bridal boutique.


…by having a supportive community that  help your focus on your business by shares secrets of they success.


…on your success path, and dream big to attract more brides and close more sales.


Because we have had the same problems and we know where you are coming From...

Christine and Maria

Hi Bridal Retailers, We are Christine & Maria and we are also both bridal retailers (bridal boutique owners), with a combined 40+ years of experience.

We have come to the same conclusion that many bridal retailers feel isolated, with nowhere to go for support.

We also fall into the trap of being busy fools and spend too much time working in our business rather than on our business with no focus.

We know that many bridal retailers lack the motivation to take time away from their boutiques to work on their personal development or attend courses.

We believe with the right support and community you will focus on building a profitable and successful bridal boutique.  

You know you want this… So my question is to you.

Get Savvy Coaching

YES! Read what our members are saying about us...


You have more appointments

You close more sales

You have the support of a community

You feel less isolated

You have the confidence to go to the next level

ways you can Work with us...

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We have some incredible free of charges resources that are available for you. Why? Because we are here to help all bridal boutique owners take they business to the next level, so come and spend some time with us in our free groups and social medial platform and get more free value. We also have some Free trainings just for you.

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Are you new to bridal retailing and not sure where to start? Working with us on our 1:1 coaching will fast track your progress to a successful and a more personalise programme is for you. We will move you from Frustration into Motivation onto Growth to build your Successful Bridal Business. Let's Get Started

Christine Skilton and Maria Musgrove-Wethey are the design team behind the Get Savvy Coaching™ “Anytime, any place, anywhere” learning and community for the bridal retailers.

2020 sees them teaming up to share their vast knowledge of 40 Plus years by offering training to other bridal boutique owners with their new online venture Get Savvy Coaching™.