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  • To Have More Appointments And Close More Sales?
  • To Get Away From Feeling Isolated?
  • To Take Your Business To The Next Level?
  • To Fix What’s Keeping You Awake At Night?
  • To Work On Your Business and Not In Your Business?

Our motto is if you don't earn you learn

Our Story

Christine & Maria are both bridal boutique owners, with a combined 40 years of experience.

We have come to the same conclusion that many owners feel isolated, with nowhere to go for support to fix their problems.

We also fall into the trap of being busy fools and spend too much time working in our business rather than on our business.

We know that many owners can’t take time away from their boutiques to attend courses or don’t even know where to find them.

You can choose to work with us by joining Get Savvy, 1:1 and with our online or in-house courses.

Christine & Maria

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Get Savvy Coaching

Christine Skilton and Maria Musgrove-Wethey are the design team behind the Get Savvy Coaching™ “Anytime, any place, anywhere” learning group.

2020 sees them teaming up to share their vast knowledge by offering training to other bridal boutique owners with their new online venture Get Savvy Coaching™.

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