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With the time and money you’ve already invested in your bridal business, you deserve to be wildly successful.  Lets’s face it.  You’re worth it…

Get Supported

…by having a like minded community that helps you focus on your business by sharing the secrets of their success.

Get Motivated

….by working with us on your business helping you take the next steps to a successful and profitable bridal boutique.

Get Focused

…by having your success path, and by dreaming big to attract more brides and close more sales to make more money.


We’ve Got Your Back

Because we have had the same problems and we know where you are coming from…

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Our Coaches

We are Get Savvy Coaches and we also run or are running bridal retails, with a combined 40+ years of experience. Neil is our Operations Director with 20+ years in bridal retailing and 0ver 18 years in Business Development in Blue Chip companies.

We have come to the same conclusion that many bridal or bricks & Mortar retailers feel isolated, with nowhere to go for support.

We also fall into the trap of being busy fools and spend too much time working in our business rather than on our business with no focus.

We know that many retailers lack the motivation to take time away from their boutiques to work on their personal development or attend courses.

We believe with the right support and community you will focus on building a profitable and successful retail shop or boutique.

You know you want this… So my question is to you…

Are you ready to take action join a community that will support, motivate and get you focus .

What made Gemma join Get Savvy Coaching?

“I joined the Get Savvy group in March 2020, just before the first UK-wide lockdown. In the months that we weren’t able to trade, the Get Savvy group was a welcome source of motivation, encouragement and inspiration to make the most of the unprecedented situation that we all found ourselves in as bridal retailers. Maria’s wealth of knowledge and experience in bridal sales training, coupled with Christine’s expert guidance on digital marketing has made the Get Savvy membership truly worthwhile and a valued asset in our family-run boutique. I look forward to the weekly chats and training sessions and have really enjoyed getting to know the other members of the group.”

Gemma – Ivory Pearl


You have two coaches that you can speak to

You have the support of a community

You feel less isolated

You have more appointments

You close more sales

You have the confidence to go to the next level

What made Helen & Adele join Get Savvy Coaching?

“Get Savvy – well its been a HUGE support mechanism – and its taught us things that we didn’t even know we didn’t even know – but more than that we have some life long friends who we can literally ask anything about and we know that we will get a frank and truthful answer. We now look at our business through fresh eyes and see what our brides see and now, what they want. We leave no stone unturned when it comes to making decisions big and small about our business and one of Maria’s favourite lines rings in my ears daily – “Ladies, if you don’t earn you learn”.

Thank you Get Savvy and Maria and Christine – you’ve been amazing!”

Helen & Adele – The Little White Dress


It’s Not Your Fault


The market is saturated with Facebook Groups and coaches offering a quick fix with very little or no experience of running a bridal boutique.

Leaving you more confused than when you started and less confident.

As bridal boutique owners we need the confidence to take our business to the next level.

What made Kate join Get Savvy Coaching?

“Get Savvy has given me confidence as I know that I’m in a group with other boutique owners facing the same issues. Everything that is discussed I can relate to and it’s all in such a supportive environment. I no longer feel as if I’m on my own. I joined the main Get Savvy Group after joining The War Room during the first lockdown. Both groups have been invaluable. I had thought about charging for appointments for quite some time but to be honest had been nervous to do so as there didn’t seem to be any other boutiques in my area making a charge. Listening to sound advice from Get Savvy gave me the confidence to implement the change and since then I’ve not looked back. thanks Get Savvy, I’m so glad I joined!”

Kate – Kate Walker Bridal Room


Get Savvy Coaching

A community for bridal boutique owners who often feel isolated and want to be supported to get more appointments, close more sales and make more money.

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